Thursday, 8 August 2013

Logiciel Software Tech Pvt Ltd

Logiciel Software Tech Pvt Ltd is a leading software development company in India that delivers advanced educational software to institutions with in India & around the globe.Established in 2004,Logiciel has created a significant impact in the country's rapidly progressing educational sector,with its value added product and services.The headquarter of the company is located in cochin,the commercial hotspot of Kerala.On a drive to enhance the communication skils of the students,we have designed Learnsoft Language Lab,that will envisage the students in the field of communication.The software hasbeen designed in tune with the dynamic market trends.

Why Learnsoft?

Learnsoft Language Lab was designed to meet the basic requirement as far as the language learning is concerned.The software has all the features incorporated that gives the language learners a new platform which helps them in enhancing their communication skills in any languages.There are five key elements which plays a major role in gaining proficiency.They are as given below.

                   .Accent                                         .Lip movement
                   .Pronunciation                              .Facial Expression  

Traditional Language Classes

Digital Language Lab Classes
Out of those five key elements mentioned above Accent,pronunciation & fluency are the major elements that requires an audio & the other two elements namely Lip movement & facial Expression requires a video tool.In the light of the above mentioned features we have designed our Learnsoft language Lab software in such a way that,it has those audio and video tools which will trigger those respective key elements & help in enhancing the communication skills & will make them proficient in the language what they are learning.

This design will suit any language as the five key elements are the same for any language,take it French,German,Arabic the fluency,accent,pronunciation,lip movement,facial Expressions are the common key elements which is required for gaining proficiency in any language.Hence this clearly explains why our
language lab is so important.

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